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A Slice of Heaven in the North Carolina Foothills —

Flour footprints lead from the kitchen throughout the pink Victorian home. Bushels of apples line counters and take up temporary residence on replica antique furniture, much to the dismay of a couple of dogs and several cats. Pots of apple slices simmer as Angela Shur shapes pie crusts. A bell sounds, pulling her away from her kneading. She moves several pies to cooling racks so that another set can take their place in the hot oven. Angela resets the timer, and returns to assemble more pies.
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Asheboro 2040: Can you see it?: One local city leader can

On the corner of Sunset and Bicentennial Park, a guitarist strums popular cover music with a few of his own tunes weaved throughout his sets. A small crowd gathers to listen for a few minutes before walking back to work after lunch in one of cafés around the corner on Church Street. Visiting college students pause at sculptures erected in various locations throughout downtown after having already studied the ones on Dixie Drive and North and South Fayetteville streets.