Piedmont Parent

It's Here! The Pumpkin Bucket List

It's not October, but the pumpkin spice lattes are out in full force, as are pumpkin cookie and cake mixes, and cans of pureed pumpkin. I saw a woman leaving a local super center with two large carving pumpkins just yesterday. Giant pumpkins and pumpkin laced confections and coffees used to appear in October. But folks loved them so much (translation: they brought in tons of profits), that companies decided to shelve them earlier so that the public could enjoy them longer (translation: so the companies could make more money).
Navigating Hectivity

Goodbye Gallbladder

This was supposed to be our summer of adventure. Hubby and I created a list of things we wanted to do before the leaves begin to change. My intent was to blog about each experience. So far, we've checked three experiences off our list. I've blogged about one. The reason we're behind on having fun this summer and my excuse for not writing all about the adventures we did experience are tied to my love of cheese and onion rings. It doesn't hurt that I also adore pasta.